We made turning your routine plastic-free a no-brainer

The only biodegradable face masks. That are 99.99% safe!

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3.4 Billion face masks are thrown out every day!

  • Plastic face masks are cheap and easy to toss away after one use.
  • You’d think you’ll use them once and never see them again!

But here is the fact:

  • They don’t go anywhere!
  • They turn into creepy little stalkers.
  • Just sitting in our landfills, Excreting toxins in our oceans,
  • And watching us make bad choices for our planet!

These disposable plastic face masks take centuries to biodegrade after use. Which results in soil and water pollution. That affects the health of living organisms and is harmful to the environment.

But Say No More!


100% Natural & Organic Biodegradable

Face Masks

Made with cornstarch so they can degrade naturally into the soil once you discard them.

Where did we come from?


Ecolive comes under the umbrella of STK Group Company which is one of the best producers and sellers of nonwoven fabric and personal shielding equipment. STK Group Company has made all efforts to become a leader in Eurasia.

We are on a mission to offer a new way to keep each other safe in this new normal that protects ourselves, you, and the environment. From our families to our essential workers to our wildlife to our oceans, Ecolive’s biodegradable, 100% organic, and eco-friendly mask protects all.

We have manufactured these bio face masks with the earth in mind since we all are in this together


Our State-of-the-Art Production Facility

The State-Of-The-Art Production Facility and Experienced Technicians have allowed us to offer premium quality eco-friendly face masks at the best price to

our 500+

Satisfied Loyal Customers

during our 15 Years

in the business

Their three layers of filter, nose bridge, ear loops, and even the packaging are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The plus they are the most effective at their job!

Disposable face masks
Ecolive bio face masks
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Our Responsible Customers Include

We have around 500+ satisfied and loyal clients and produce tons of biodegradable face masks for them… Although they are from Different Industries and buy for Different Purposes… They Have One Thing In Common
They Want To Protect Humans While Protecting The Planet.

Medical Institutions

Organizations With a Big Flow of Customers

Wholesale Customers

  • So they don't have to spend heavily on purchasing a necessity.

  • So they can protect the health of patients and staff while protecting the environment.

  • So they can make it easy for medical practitioners to wear masks all day long.


To enjoy High-Profit Margins, Save on Delivery Time, and Protect The Environment!

  • So they can play their part in eliminating the use of traditional disposable plastic face masks.

  • So they do not have to spend heavily on plastic face masks

  • So they never run out of stock for bio masks and expose their visitors to possible viruses and infections.

  • drug-stores

    Drug stores

  • shops


  • chain-stores

    Chain stores

  • So they never run out of stock since our masks are always available, thanks to our warehouse in Ekaterinburg.

  • So they enjoy a high-profit margin due to our affordable costs.

  • So they can present themselves as distinguished resellers by stocking eco-friendly products.

  • transport-companies

    Transport companies

  • railway

    Railway carriers and air carriers

  • public-institutions

    Public institutions

  • shopping

    Shopping and leisure centers

  • non-governmental-organizations

    Non-governmental organizations

  • government-authorities

    Government authorities

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Go Biodegradable & Help Yourself!

We know how difficult it is to run a business, especially a business with lots of visitors.

Hence, We have GOT YOUR BACK by offering you a variety of perks:

High Production Capacity

High Production Capacity

Our manufacturing facilities can produce high volumes of Biodegradable masks so you can place any size of order and get your shipment on time.

5-Days Delivery

5-Days Delivery

It is our promise to deliver all sizes of orders within 5 days so you don’t have to worry about face masks stock depleting with no backup. We ensure that your business is always up and running.

Smooth Shipping

Smooth Shipping

We have worked out its logistics, so you don’t have to worry about delayed payments due to problems in transit.

Never-Ending Supply

Never-Ending Supply

Even if there are issues with the production chain, we keep a stock of our bio masks in our warehouse in Ekaterinburg so we can be your trusted suppliers even in conditions of panic.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Eco-Friendly Alternative

There was a shortage of conventional raw materials such as polypropylene during the pandemic. Our biodegradable alternative benefited the environment and helped distributors overcome the material shortage.

Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable Pricing

We promise to provide our bio masks in a reasonable price range and offer special terms and conditions of delivery and payments so you don't have to face any problems in your institutions while protecting the health of others.

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We created this product so you don't have to make a compromise between your health and your ethics

Do You Ever Wonder Why Have You Been Left With Only 2 Choices Until Now?
To Either Choose Your Health Or Ethics?


Now You Can Have A Mask That Does Both - Protects & Degrades


All our biodegradable face masks are made with biopolymer that helps air pass easily so you can breathe easily even when the sun is right on your head!


Unlike the so-called disposable face masks that take 450+ years to decompose, these 100% organic face masks degrade automatically in 45 days.

The comfortable and easy-fit nose bracket and ergonomic elastic makes the mask easy to wear so you can wear it for hours without taking it off and exposing yourself to infections.


The organically manufactured mask lets the moisture pass easily so your face doesn’t perspire or show any signs of facial problems.

The Biocompatibility in our 99.99% safe masks prevents itching, rashes, and marks so you don’t have to spend heavily on your kids and if you’re allergic to synthetic materials.

The 100x thinner than a human hair Meltblown material enables the mask to catch and neutralize all viruses, infections, and bacteria so you feel 100% safe with your mask on!

The internal and external layers of the mask are made with Spunbond which allows you to wear the mask for longer hours.

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Certifications and Test Report

We don’t only say we’re the best, we have the certifications to prove it!

All our 100% organic eco-friendly biodegradable face masks are manufactured in accordance with the standards laid down by the European Union

With that, we know trusting a mask manufacturer who claims to be the best and is still affordable is difficult, hence, we want to be fully transparent with you!


Although we accept all sizes of orders and deliver within 5 business days, we offer One Free Packet of our 99.9% safe biodegradable face masks that has 10 masks.

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